24 vdc sensor

  • 24VDC 500Hz Laser Distance Measuring Sensor

    24VDC 500Hz Laser Distance Measuring Sensor

    Lanbao high-precision laser ranging sensor is intelligent, sturdy and convenient. Intelligent: The sensor can perform gain-control by itself, that is, self adaptive control and optimization according to the reflectivity of the target, which can realize stable measurement from black rubber to smooth metal surface; Sturdy: Improve the sensor structure, pure machining process is stronger and more durable than the ordinary plastic case, with better electromagnetic protection and due to integrated design of optical basis, the sensor can avoid the risk of measurement error caused by base deflection; Convenient: The sensor is small in size, requires small installation controls, light weight, easy to install, so it's ideal for installation on moving objects, reducing space requirements and reducing failures relative to split architecture.

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  • NO/NC Output 24 VDC Voltage Fiber Optic Switchs

    NO/NC Output 24 VDC Voltage Fiber Optic Switchs

    1.Leading dual monitor mode, optical fiber sensors provide both digtial display LED and line LED type, digtial display LED is able to display the light intensity received, calibrate optic axis and illustrate operation status while mounting. Build-in DSP high-speed digiital processing chip and 12 bit A/D convertor. Automatic and manual correction and calibration optional, optical fiber sensor could be easily adjusted according to different situation. 2.High-precision detection, super long sensing distance, reasonable design wiring system and easy to install and maintain, 9mm thickness shape helps to save installing space, single wire design makes it easier to connect, Max 8 sets optical fibers could be parallel mounted without interference.

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