PSE series Photoelectric sensor

PSE photoelectric sensor

Complete Range of Five Spec

Through Beam, Diffuse Reflection, Background Suppression,

polarized reflection ,wide-angle

Broad productline:

Sensing range from 10cm-20cm

Optional connection by cable or connector

For quick part selection in multiple

Background Suppression sensor

Diffuse Reflection photoelectric sensor


Wafer Pass Detection

PSE photoelectric sensor

Placed under convey belts,PSE background suppression sensor 

is used to detect the passage of thewafe,for whitch the conventional 

diffuse reflection sensor cannot achieve reliable detection,due to the 

difference in color and reflectivity of the wafer.The unique optical design 

of PSE backgroug suppression sensor makes the product immune to 

fluorescent light and ambient light,realizing stable and reliable detection


AGV in-position Detection

Background Suppression sensor

Installed on AGV mobile devices,PSE polarized reflection sensor are used to

judge if AGV or mobile devices are in right position.With polarizer imbed,

sensorswill make no wrong detection of mirror surfaces or high light objects,

effectively preventing the misjudgment of the AGV or mobile devices in 


Commodity Size Classification

Diffuse Reflection photoelectric sensor

before the goods are delivered out of the warehouse, the conveyor belt 

on the production line of the 3C helping with arrangements of delivery 

vehicles and personnel,PSE beam-type sensor installed on the edge of 

the conveyor belt cooperates with the PSE diffuse reflectiontype sensor 

on the gantry to realize the identification and size classification of the 

goods.thanks to its fast response.and accurate sorting,cargo turnover 

rate is improved

Automobile Assembly Line Missing Parts Inspection

PSE photoelectric sensor

In the autom obile assembly line ,it is necessary to keep compatible the 

color of various parts,and ignorethe background light reflected on the 

pallet surface,to relize the material lack inspection of the assembly parts,

for whichPSE background suppression type can be selected to enable stable 

detection,thanks to its fine color sensitivity

Airline Baggage Height Exceeding Detection

Background Suppression sensor

The PSE through beam sensor has red light as its emitting light source for 

easy alignment. It is convenient to adjust with one-click distance setting. 

On the airport baggage conveyor, the type of PSE can detect whether the 

airbaggage is high beyond the limit, and prevent it fromentering, ensuring 

proper loading of airline baggage.

Load Platform Occupancy Recognition

Diffuse Reflection photoelectric sensor

The PSE polarized reflection sensor is install at the tail part of loading 

platform to detect whether the loading platform is empty or occupied.

It can judge in real time whether the cargo has a stay or stop to make it 

convenientfor the shuttle,forklift and robot to proceed to the next step,

effectively improving the effciency of the conceyor line,unaffected by the

changes of the cargo or pallet.

Drill Bit Detection

PSE photoelectric sensor

The PSE backgroud suppression sensor is installed over the conveyor 

belt on the production line of the 3C components to detect the position of 

the drill bits.the product is designed with a red point light source,

minimum spot size small as 4mm,making it easy to detect small objects.

Glossy Objects Pass Detection

Background Suppression sensor

When the backgroud is a gossy object,the PSE diffuse reflection sensor 

has wide viewing angle and small blind range,which can be used to detect 

the glossy objects,by eliminating the backgroud effects and adopting the 

button setting to achieve a precise distance setting

Diffuse Reflection photoelectric sensor

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