Lanbao Laser Range Sensor PDA Series

laser range sensor

A sensor with a face and talent

The PDA-CC series not only has a bright (zhi) double (shi) eye (deng), a convenient digital display OLED screen, but also 

has a streamlined design, a bright silver matte material with a handsome appearance (IP67 protective structure, can 

withstand harsh working conditions )

laser displacement sensorphotoelectric sensor

Obviously you can eat by your face, but...

Product advantages

-Linear accuracy up to ±0.05%F.S.

-Repeat accuracy up to ±10μm

-The farthest range can reach 1m

-Different spot sizes to meet various application scenarios

-Double shielding design, stronger anti-interference ability

-Can effectively suppress the measurement error caused by temperature changes

-Flexible output mode: IO push-pull output + RS485/4..20mA, support MODBUS

-OLED digital display + button, more convenient to use; can also teach remotely

-Powerful functions: parameter query, single-point teaching, window teaching, communication settings, analog 

mapping settings, self-test, self-locking, alarm settings, over-range indication, analog HOLD settings, one-key reset, etc.

Product Guide


Product numberPDA-CC20PDA-CC30PDA-CC50PDA-CC100
Linear accuracy0.05%F.S.0.1%F.S.0.3%F.S.0.6%F.S.
Temperature drift±0.02%F.S.
output method

Digital quantity: RS-485 (support ModBus protocol): analog; quantity: 4....20mA

Switching quantity: PUSH-PULL/NPN/PNP and NO/NC can be set

Built-in functionsoutput method

Slave address & baud rate setting, parameter query, single-point teaching, window teaching, analog mapping setting, self-check, self-locking, alarm setting, output setting, average setting, adjustable response time, factory reset


Robot arm precise positioning

                   laser range sensor

Product thickness detection

laser displacement sensor

Process dynamic monitoring

photoelectric sensor

Fine packaging inspection

laser range sensor

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