• Color mark sensor application case sharing

    Color mark sensor application case sharing

    The color mark sensor can detect the white scale and send out a signal after detection

  • Textile-Texturing machine

    Textile-Texturing machine

    As a traditional pillar industry, textile industry has been playing an important role in national economic activities. As early as the end of the last century, China's textile machinery industry began to promote the application of PLC, frequency converter, servo system and computer control automation technology, improving the speed of the machine and production efficiency. Up to now, the degree of automation of textile machinery and electrical control system is higher and higher. The single machine automation has been unable to meet the development needs of textile industry, and the textile industry is developing towards system automation, and factory automation. As the collection unit of the Internet of things in textile industry, various intelligent and innovative sensors will provide technical support and guarantee for the industry's overall transformation and upgrading in the future.

  • Application of Lanbao Sensor in Mask Automatic Production Line

    Application of Lanbao Sensor in Mask Automatic Production Line

    COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work has entered a critical stage, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials has risen sharply, especially the use of masks has become a necessity for epidemic prevention work. The Chinese government actively helps and promotes the resumption of production of mask enterprises, and Shanghai Lanbao Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. has added help to win the epidemic prevention and contr

  • Electronics-IC component package

    Electronics-IC component package

    IC component packaging design equipment includes solid crystal machine, wire bonding machine, sealing machine, molding machine, tape machine, IC test machine and so on. Sensors used in the packaging process include background suppression sensors, slot sensors, fiber optic sensors, and encoders. Lanbao sensors are available in a variety of ways. A variety of output methods and connection specifications are available, taking into account economic and durability, high product accuracy and response. Fast time to meet the high performance and high precision requirements of the 3C industry.

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