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Type of business manufacturer and exporting
Main Market Europe and US
Number of Employees 201-500 People
Annual sales US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Established in 1998

About lanbao:

Established in 1998, a leading domestic industrial automation product supplier, specializing in high-tech 

enterprises such as sensor technology, sensor measurement and control system, environmental 

measurement and control system product solutions and services. With innovative technology, excellent 

solutions and quality products, Lanbao continuously provide comprehensive support for China's 

manufacturing industry

˜ Private shareholding system

˜ Covered area: 33,000 ㎡

˜ Total employees: More than 400 people,including 100 R&D engineers;

˜  Industrial discrete sensors, including normal sensors and intelligent sensors;

˜ With more than 5000 specifications, and the business has covered more than 80 countries and regions 

around the world.

Human Resources

Company Chart


Employee Headcount
Department NameFull Time Employee(s)Part-Time Employee(s)Total
GM office18018
Sales Dept58058
Finance Dept909
R&D Dept99099
HR Dept808

Production Dept

Quality Dept15015
Total Number:4030403

Our factory:

Lanbao digital manufacturing workshop for intelligent sensor has won the " Top Ten Scientific and Technological 

Progress of China's Smart Manufacturing ", equipped with flexible and efficient production line and advanced 

equipment, such as AOI detector, high-speed placement machine, high and low temperature test chamber, 

solder paste detection system, automatic optical detector,  full automatic packaging machines.


Our advantage:

1  day shipping guarantee for stock item

19  years OEM & ODM history with global top sensor brands

20  years sensor manufacturing experience

90 + global R&D patents and copyrights

100 +  sets high-tech production and testing equipment

500+  employees (100+ in R&D)

5000+  specification products

33000㎡  factory

3,000,000 pcs  products per year

Fully automated production line


Our honor

Our standard products already obtained  ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, UL ,CCC,ROHS certificates.


R&D Capacity

Current Situation

There is/are  99  R&D engineer(s) in the company.

Education Leve

HeadcountWork ExperienceHeadcount
Doctorate12Over 30 Years2
Post-Graduate4821-30 Years16
Graduate2211-20 Years14
Junior College146-10 Years20
Technical School22-5 Years22
High School1Less than 2 years25
Paten Situation
Patent No.The Name of the PatentThe Patent TypeAvailable Date
ZL2013 1 0742994.XAn Opposite Photoelectric sensorInvention patent27/Dec./2013
ZL2015 1 0043840.0  Intelligent inductive SensorInvention patent28/Jan./2015
Brand Situation
Registration/ap plication NO.Brand NameFor Approval to Use GoodsRef.
10354242Refer to the photoClassphoto in section 11(Tradenark photo)
The Average Time For New Products Launched
Product CategoryLead Time
Sensors3 months
The Shortest Time For New Products Launched
Product CategoryShortestLead Time
Sensor3 months
Does the company procide ODM service for others? √ Yes    No
Are there relevant design input/output,review,and verification documents available for the assessment company? √ Yes    No
Based on inspection,are R&D employees equipped with adequate specialized equipment? √ Yes    No
If yes,please list all key equipment used:High and Low Temperature Test Box,ESD Generator
Do R&D employees use any specific software for designing new products? √ Yes    No

If yes, please list the main software used:


Please list all certifications and/or qualifications of the R & D department:

Has the company established standard design procedures for new products?

 √ Yes, with clear written instructions

    Yes, without written instructions

    Yes, without written instructions


Have the designed products been internal verified or validated?

 √Yes, with clear written records

   Yes, only part written records

   Yes, without written records


Have the designed products been tested by a third-party inspection body?

 √Yes, all designed products have been tested

   Yes, only part of designed products have been tested


Does the company has qualification requirements for designers?

 √Yes, with written job description

   Yes, without written job description

   No, but at least two years design experience is needed


Are the designers’ qualifications recognized bythe company?

 √Yes, with written records

   Yes, without written records


R&D Real Case Description

Customer’s Name


Customer’s Location


Customer’s Industry


Order’s Requirement Description:


Design Devices

High and Low Temperature Test Box

ESD Generator


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